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Dr. Kellie Lease Stecher's
Delivering: Doctor Mother Advocate

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As fellow physicians, moms, and advocates who have also been challenged with complex childhoods, when we at GrooveMD read Dr. Kellie Lease Stetcher’s book DELIVERING: DOCTOR MOTHER ADVOCATE, it was like getting a glimpse into our own brain and thoughts, but with a lot more courage.


Dr. Stetcher speaks for all women in healing professions and her writing enlivens the idea of what is possible for us. Every single word, chapter, and section resonates and reverberates within us; from her title, to the chapter titles and down to the authenticity of her words. A few of the moving chapter titles such as “Stand and Deliver - A life worth fighting for, “Growth and Grit,” and “Don’t let someone else mold you” give a sneak peek of some of the incredible themes discussed in this book.


Sharing her vulnerable personal stories laced with her gritty and straight conversations, she easily accessed our hearts and we identify with so many parts of her story. 


This book is a must-read for anyone who is looking for courage and inspiration to make big changes in what it means to be a Female Physician in the Medical Community today. Whether you are a doc, or a mom, or an advocate, or any combination of these, this book will help support and guide you in integrating all those roles within you and moving your life forward. 


Oh - and make sure you have lots of highlighters ready. If you’re anything like us, you will go through several while devouring this fantastic book. 

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