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Marlena & Jennie

Dr. Marlena Jbara, MD

Mother, Physician, Artist, and Coach, Marlena Jbara MD is a lifelong learner and remains a student at heart. Graduating from Brooklyn College & SUNY Health Science Center at Brooklyn’s BA-MD Program, and fellowship-trained in Musculoskeletal Radiology under one of the Worlds’ Biomechanical Experts, Javier Beltran MD.  Her productive career includes peer-reviewed journal publications, book chapters, grand rounds, and a national lecture presence in Foot and Ankle Radiology. In addition to the many worthy endeavors, she is a practicing Radiologist and specializes in Bone and Joint disorders.  Currently, she is designing a subspecialty MSK coaching program designed to achieve greater satisfaction in a career you love.

Dr. Jbara is passionate that all are welcome and empowered to serve at the table of healing, regardless of color, gender, privilege, or ethnicity. Serving on Gender and Equity Committees, Communication Teams, and thorough training in Compassionate Caregiving and transformation in healthcare, she created a career in opportunities to achieve patient wellness and impact bias inherent in the halls of academic medicine.  From facilitating courses, training and developing caregivers in skills of empathy, to coaching groups of women in negotiation skills, she aims to empower her clients.    In addition to studies in communication, she is also a sculptor /painter and uses art to express compassion for her patients and for herself.  She is currently exploring watercolor art as access to community building and depth perception. 

Marlena Jbara MD has many interests from salsa dancing, painting, sculpting, botany, hiking, museums, and travel.   Beyond all of the above, she remarks that her greatest inspirations, her son and daughter, the two beautiful lives that give rise to her other name, also known as Mom. As a single parent, she is your available source of how to remove whatever is in the way of having the life that you love.  

Dr. Jbara has joined a vibrant, compassionate partnership with her lifelong friend, colleague, and visionary, Dr. Jennifer Tam.  We are GrooveMDs.Com, dedicated to amplifying the authentic conversation of Getting Your Groove Back in medicine.  Sourcing your resources to align and empower our authentic selves is what we are about at GrooveMDs.

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Dr. Jennifer Tam, MD

Dr. Jennifer Tam, MD, began her education in medicine with a seven-year BA/MD program at Brooklyn College and the State University of NY, then completed her residency at The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, Dr. Tam has practiced at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, specializing in Gynecology and Obstetrics. 

Dr. Tam is highly focused on the areas of comprehensive and compassionate patient care, in addition to resident and medical student teaching and research. Dr. Tam is a highly-esteemed individual and an extremely talented professional. Dr. Tam is also a member of the American Medical Women’s Association American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology and focuses heavily on the quality of patient care and cutting-edge research in the field.

When Dr. Tam isn’t at work, she enjoys visual art and painting, as well as theater and film and some good, old-fashioned outdoor activities like hiking and biking. She is also a mother herself-- a single mom of two boys, one a freshman in high school, and one in their first year of college. With a family-first approach, Dr. Tam has always cared for all her patients with empathy and understanding at the core of her medical practice. 

Dr. Tam has partnered with Dr. Marlena Jbara to create, the #HealthHealers that are dedicated to sharing what heals our healers through community-based conversation and physician-to-physician collaboration and encouragement.

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