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Gender Bias Leads to Burnout

There is an #Inequality in #Leadership and #Rank and it's a problem for everyone.

It used to be #Explicit, but now its in the walls, contracts and deals that have made the Great Resignation more like a Stampede - like Exiting a Circus on Fire. The institutional gaslighting, Mobbism, Tokenism, Favoritism, Nepotism that have chipped away at the core of our physician community spirit is catching up. We know this when you follow the numbers- not only in loss of staff willing to work in brick and mortar institutions, but in the health and wellness of our patients and ourselves. America is in a crisis with escalating rates of depression, anxiety and suicide.

Implicit bias exists like the smell of smoke, long after you quit,

Despite equal numbers of men and women entering med school since 2006- In 2021 There is only 1 woman in leadership for every 4 men. Women in the US who work full time make 80.5cents on the dollar, and if that's not bad enough . . .Women physicians make less- 75cents on the dollar.

Women surgeons even less at 67cents on the dollar

We generally do all that AND are the caretakers of our families.

We are important and we are undervalued.

I personally think that the inability to advance our career is one of the biggest reasons why women leave. We are penalized for Our Excellent Skills in Family, Community and Medicine .Large studies show that Women Academic Physicians do not get Professorship at a rate equal to men. I know personally how this feels , being recognized by peer as an expert, spending most of my career active in academics, trained many specialty physicians, wrote many papers, books chapters, complete educational curricula, and I was only able to make Clinical Asset Professorship. Rejected 3x before I gave up.

This certainly contributed to my experience of burnout and it wasn't until I resigned that I realized I could have been Professor all along . There were different tracts, even having 6 people vet me would have given me that. That lack of knowing or exposure is a Major barrier for women's advancement. There are not many women in leadership to guide us through channels, and those that are leading are often reluctant to speak about the Gender Bias themselves, for fear of retaliation. We @GrooveMDs get it and We are up to changing it.

So what to do if you are a woman or man wanting to help women in medicine- Get curious about what your women physicians and nurses really want - Yes you want to sponsor, mentor and award their contributions .Appreciation and recognition are the bedrock of what we get out of our lifelong contributions. One great place to start to renew Your Life and Your Career will be at the Authenticity, Courage & Empowerment Conference for Women Physicians April 28 - May 1, 2022 Lets get back to why we became healers.

Time to change the conversation

Come join Us!


Jennifer Tam, MD

Dena George, MD

Dawn Sears MD FACG

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