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How it began...

July 1, 1995, the first day I donned the long white coat, a newly minted intern, ready to diagnose and sew together all the signs and symptoms we learned as med students. And one day, not long after my first day, I got to apply that knowledge for one special patient, my grandma. It started out as belly pain, and turned into an ER visit, which led to a CT, which revealed the diagnosis of inoperable pancreatic cancer. She lived out the dreaded mortality rate and died 6 months from her diagnosis. The tumor, infiltrating all her belly nerves was painful, and she moaned nightly. We began to know her different moans, as a mommy knows her babies' cries. We gathered round her nightly, and that became the thing to do, where everybody was. We watched her go as she left us but we would still cheer her on, or cheer ourselves on, wasn't ever quite sure of who needed it more. We fought with her, with each other, “she ate too much, she ate too little, the food wasn’t tasty” and it went on and on until it didn't.

Her doctor never told her the diagnosis, he said cause she didn't want to know but I suspected he really didn't have the words. So when I think comfort, I think triple board certified Pringl Miller, MD, FACS, an expert not only in surgery, but also palliative care and hospice - My hero. I wish I would have had her guidance back then, as she was exactly what our family and so many others truly need.

No fluff here, her talk is straight up, and 100% in integrity. Dr. Miller helps us understand life and death with a kind hearted invitation to sit at the bedside and be with humanity. As Founder and Director of Physician Just Equity (PJE) she support physicians and surgeons experiencing bias, harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Through her expert training and the PJE collective, they lead strategic navigation of workplace conflict, champion a balanced resolution, and cause institutional culture change.

While researching for my book Wounds of Women Healers, I attended this amazing webinar Listen here as these leaders take up the tough talk of gender inequity in medicine moderated by Pringl Miller, MD, FACS and jointly hosted by PJE and AMWA . The all star panelist : Amy Anstead MD FARS, @Julie Carter MD JD, Roberta Gebhard DO, @Elizabeth Hanley JD Dr. Lisa Herbert, MD - Physician Leadership Coach MD are committed to a future of equality in medicine . Learn the basics of how to identify structural abuses at play within the Corporate Medical Playbook. For anyone who has ever been transgressed or for those who want to know what to do before it happens, this discussion is worth a listen. Are in a one-party consent state for recording conversations?, documenting all offenses in detail, and remembering to journal all events as soon as they happen.

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Jennifer Tam, MD

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