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I Resigned.

Updated: Sep 21, 2021


On May 18, I resigned from my job as an Academic Bone and Joint Radiologist (where I was privileged to train our Best and Brightest radiologists Michael G. CoordsAmi Gokli,José Morey, Phil McDonald, M.D.Shrita Smith) to focus on my Passion Project: Finding a place for Every doc to serve at our table of healing- Regardless of gender, color, sexual preference, religion, political view or privilege.

That the female physician suicide rate is climbing upwards of 140%- makes my hair stand on end. To get and keep my Groove On after being an MD for 25 years, I’ve returned to class in the Creator Institute in Georgetown University McDonough School of Business to be an Author! With major contributions from my lifelong friend and colleague Dr. Jennifer Tam, MD, look out for the presale- Our working title, "The Wounded Healer: Evolution of Physician Burnout," Comes out April 2022!!!!! Through a collection of personal stories, research, stats, and curated interviews from thought leaders of our time, we will present you the “What’s So” in burnout.

Under the tutelage of Georgetown’s very own Professor @ Eric Koester in his genius class within the Creator Institute - I proudly belong to a vibrant community of supportive physicians, authors, thinkers, and coaches Kondapaneni, MD, MPH, D-ABPN , Emma Ghalili , Tim Cheng , Alisha Wielfaert , Vladimir VoroshninTanya Alvarez, @Alex-Denoble. I’ve already sent my editor 1st content for feedback @Collen Young (which is exciting and makes this all very real!). I am sponging up the social media genius from Haley Newlin - MFA and the countless background ancillary staff that make this expression possible ChandaElaine Spurlock Jordan W. You can expect this book to impact and usher in ways to end the epidemic of physician burnout. Over the next few months, I'll be sharing key pieces of the journey with you - things I'm learning, conversations I'm having, milestones I’m realizing. I’ll be sharing snippets from the book and invite your feedback, please comment, voice your concerns, and ask any question.

Most importantly, If you know of anyone with a story about Physician burnout (names will be changed of course), who can add to- move this- elevate and forward this conversation- We want to interview you for our book. Please send me or my partner Jennifer Tam, MD a message.

Connecting and collaborating with people like YOU is what has made all the difference to end my Burnout. Thanks for your support and I look forward to meeting you! For more information from a trusted source CLICK HERE: to

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