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Lift The Lid!

Thanks are not enough for Kellie Lease Stecher, MD Doctor, Mother and Advocate who "lifts the lid on the day-to day medical misogyny and explores why doctor’s rates of depression are sky high". Her book "Delivering" is already a favorite with GrooveMD and we can't get enough of her authenticity.

“Dedicated to those who love their entire hearts. Dedicated to the women in the world who have non-disclosure agreements and non-disparage agreements. I see you, I hear you, I walk with you and I will fight for you and improve the culture.” As she writes this, I feel a sense of healing in her reflections and am swept up in the Stand for equity that comes through in the clarity of her voice.

While researching for my book entitled the Wounded Healer, I attended the #EPBS2021 led by Jonathan Fisher, MD FACC , and knew I found my spiritual tribe in medicine. One of the most informative sessions were both moderated by the same powerhouse who wrote this book. "Gender inequities in Medicine" and "Being a woman in medicine" are still available and I highly recommend you get the reruns. I got to learn from Lisa Cannada MD #speakuportho who developed a safe space for surgeons to share their stories of harassment and abuse, Sarah Diekman, MD, JD, MS who advocates tirelessly for our residents, Michelle Chestovich Mom doc coach and Re-MIND podcaster extraordinaire, Shireen McConnell Exec Director at Minnesota Mental Health Advocates, Nurse and an extraordinary voice in surviving PTSD, Ann M. Richardson, MBA , the only administrator brave enough to stand for women in a forum of leading health thinkers, Andi Otto, LGBTQ advocate for equitable treatment of all humans, Pringl Miller, MD, FACS , founder of Physician Just equity, not only dedicated to supporting anyone unfortunate enough to have to be a target of abuse but also active in systemic advocacy through gender and bias training.

Power houses like Sophia Yen, MD, MPH dedicated to empowerment by taking down barriers as the only female physician run company developing birth control and lastly, all that fueled by the numbers and metrics Hieu Bui, MD MBA FACHE who shows how DEI workforce metrics and analytics might help curb that 6.3 billion a year loss in physician burnout per year, we at Groove MD are proud to be part of this group and dedicated to amplifying their message.

“To my haters who might listen: without you I would never have found my strength and passions in life." Kelly goes on to To the people who hated my honesty, authenticity, and the fact that I told my story without fear, you have only given me motivation and resolve to bring change.” Wow, Kellie Lease Stecher, MD , you bring a clarity to equity and a richness to our community. I highly recommend this book ( for anyone who stands for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

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