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Music and Radiology

Salsa, one of my greatest loves, a dance learned in the 90s on the streets of NYC in small clubs, on regular rotation, learning from the greats. Nearly every Monday spent at Windows of the World, In front of the WTC with TITO PUENTE, live playing his Timbales, a whole-heart-giving-genius ,free for us all, en la calle. The Bomba, a traditional style of Puerto Rican Dance, holds a very special place in my heart, same way I feel about my Bone and Joint Radiology. As the timbales guide a rhythm, its much the same way with a differential diagnosis. The disease, with its characteristic findings, in the setting of a certain history, age and imaging personality just fits together perfectly with the history, as does the way percussion speaks to a dancer in el Bomba.

Bomba reminds me of José Morey, my rad resident who flooded our reading rooms with the rhythm of his Hispanic culture. With his Sabor, he engaged clinicians, patients and peer, adding warmth that is nothing short of healing, as rooms enlivened at his hope. Beyond warmth, he is a stellar radiologist graduating in 2012 to go on to capture and conquer a coveted spot in MSK at the University of Pennsylvania. I take some reward for the fact that my student has produced over 100 peer reviewed articles and continues to extend his reach in what diversity equity and inclusion was meant for. I'm so proud of you José Morey.

As in Bomba, the dancer collaborates with the percussionist, José Morey empowers Hispanic leaders in all sectors, see his collaboration with Silicon Valley's Frank Carbajal . Yes, my student is the first @Intergalactic doctor , dedicating his career to the empowerment of our children, and elevation of people of color to the positions they rightly deserve. He is committed “that kids see themselves, regardless of race, ethnicity or privilege, when they think of becoming astronauts or doctors.” I stand with that Causing and look forward to what his vision makes possible.

In researching for my book, with the new working title "Wounds and Wellness: Recovering from Burnout, I had the honor to interview José Morey and we got down to the nitty gritty of Physician Burnout drivers. I learned that he avoided burnout by heavily relying on his support systems - Celebrating multiple generations in his family, the learnings, love and nurturing from one women who he credits his success, Abuelita. “It takes a village, and in my culture we are blessed to share blessings, just by caring for one another.” I was moved by his commitment to tradition and heritage. Dr. Morey impacts thousands of children through Ad Astra Steam Media, LLC, ,dedicated to sharing the wonders of science, curiosity and creativity in overlooked and underserved communities. A leader in STEAM, Advisor to NASA, the White House, José Morey. Like Bomba, your influence is in rhythm to humanity, a true testament to the music that it celebrates. Thank you amigo.




celebrates us, is a fitting rhythm of his homeland. Thank you @ Jose

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